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Thursday, January 20, 2011

For The OptionWiz, our basic premise is to take advantage of the fact that over 80% of all options expire worthless. Based on this fact, The OptionWiz plays the odds for a 80% success rate by SELLING options rather than buying them and hoping you get “lucky” 20% of the time. Our options selling strategies are netting our subscribers consistent 8 to 12% gains.Our trading concept + our performance + the fact that our two traders have a combined 29 years of stock and options trading experience equates to very happy customers.
Writing content for companies, and online businesses is in demand MORE than ever. Anyone, regardless of experience, can start earning money almost immediately doingthings like:Writing short articlesMaintaining company Facebook profilesProofreading online contentGuest blog entriesmuch, much, more!We work directly with the largest freelance writing companies in the world and help get our customers started in the world of freelance writing jobs (which you can do from home!)
NPC’s product quality and retention rate is unmatched in the Internet Marketing space. Many customers have been with us since our inception in 2008. Our overall average retention rate is over 8 months (that’s average across the board). Affiliates earn up to $185 per sale (50% of upsells) plus $33.5 recurring commission (50%) per member every single month.
Everybody wants to live a stress free life, but nobody really knows how… until now!Reflexercise™ uses the human body’s own reflexes to communicate to the very portion of the brain that responds to stress, and results in conditioning this part of the Nervous System to remain calm and relaxed. EVEN DURING STRESSFUL EVENTS.Nothing like this has ever been available on the market before. You can be among the first to bring this powerful tool to the world.Reflexercise™ is effective in a huge variety of niches, including:Chronic Pain – Headaches – MigrainesAnxiety – TraumaFibromyalgiaDepressionStress – Post Traumatic StressSports Performance

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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